Software platforms to get your business digital and connected

Your collaborative, digital exchange platform

Digitise 100% of the documents you send or receive.

Connect, sell & Transact ONLINE

Anticipate what your customers need before they need it; and deliver it at the right price, quickly.

Timesheets, expenses, leave

Go workforce engagement & management. Flexible for business. Simple for operational users.


Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics GP, GP2Bank, OlyTools and EasyBankRec for GP.


Cloud based reporting, budgeting, dashboard and data warehouse.

Software that delivers competitive advantage

We know that you’re faced with an overwhelming choice of software solutions but we understand the strategic value of software; software that gives you a competitive advantage. As a business manager you know your business best, and as software specialists, we know the technology to align with your strategic goals. At Olympic, helping our clients to be successful, to reach their goals, is our number one purpose. That’s when we’re at our best, co-creating solutions that work, with our customers.

Why you need to rethink your playbook for a truly distributed and digital workplace

An Olympic Software eBook

This guide is aimed at helping your organisation move towards a truly digital workplace by harnessing technology to boost collaboration and productivity in the post Covid-19 era.

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