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The digital transformation of our clients

Antares speed up their delivery and payment processes by using DX2 as an EDI solution
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PGW Wrightson and Dairy Holdings Ltd set up digital delivery of invoices saving time and money

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Transform paperwork into digital data

Transform PDFs of sales orders, purchase orders or invoices into digital data. Or import these docs as digital data into your ERP solution. You can also use DX2 as an EDI, AP Automation or P2P solution or as an OCR scanning solution.  DX2 can also send and/or receive e-invoices.

Collaborate with your team, as well as customers & suppliers

Bring the conversations out of your email inbox and right alongside the relevant docs. Communicate with your internal team on actions taken, or that need to be taken. Or communicate with your customers and/or suppliers too. Conversations can be visible to the whole team so everyone is kept up to date.

Boost efficiency with e-invoicing

E-Invoicing can deliver significant productivity gains by allowing the direct exchange of invoice data between suppliers’ and buyers’ financial systems, significantly reducing required manual intervention.

DX2 can be used for e-invoicing translating data from the sending party and to the receiving party ERP’s.  Data is transported through a secure accredited access point on the PEPPOL network.  Sending and receiving parties can use different access points.

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The cost comparison of invoicing processes - paper invoice $26.67 - PDF invoice $23.01 - e-invoice $7.63

Solved by DX2

Automate processing

Automate invoices, purchase orders, sales orders and other docs, and reduce input errors and slow processes.

Document tracking

DX2 tells you where every doc is in the process, as well as who has it, or if it has errored. You can investigate and deal with most errors yourself.

Easy to find comms

No more hunting through email threads to understand the status of docs, or searching through paper notes stuck to paper invoices.

No more paper

Free up space in your office! No more archiving or searching through stacks of paper and folders to find the docs you need.

Easy for B2B customers to buy

DX2 can make it super easy for your B2B customers to buy from you.

NZ support

DX2 has been developed and is supported by us, a NZ owned and operated software company so help is right at hand! 

Digital approvals

Especially effective for distributed teams.

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Transform the way you work

Say no to manual entry

Remove manual data entry and speed up processing of invoice and order docs allowing your business to grow without the associated admin load

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Connect your team

Eliminate the need for conversations via email, and collaborate with your distributed team right alongside the documents on one platform with everything accessible via mobile or desktop devices.

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Maximise profit

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Better analyse costs and performance with increased visibility of key data providing the opportunity for profit growth

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Digitise any document

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Send or receive any doc or file type - credit notes, invoices, despatch advice, purchase orders, sales orders, receipt advice. File formats such as xml, cxml, csv, pdf etc.

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Go digital at your pace

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DX2 has an extensive range of functionality but you can choose just some of it or all of it enabling you to go digital at the pace that suits your organisation.

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Made for growth

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Scale up as your business grows, DX2 is powered by Microsoft Azure allowing you to scale up as and when you need.

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DX2 capabilities to supercharge your digital exchange

Your shared, digital exchange platform

DX2 Core provides a secure digital workplace to connect your team, suppliers and customers, and collaborate on documents you send and receive.


You can use DX2 as an EDI platform, exchanging digital data with your trading partners. Any document type. DX2 uses UBL as the common format.

Digital Courier

Track documents from start to end, Diagnose the problem when there's an error, then fix and retry.


Enables you to map an entire document from the form provided by your trading partner into a form compatible with your systems.

Value Mapping

Allows you to change out information on a document, for example replace a customer or supplier product code with your own.


Allows you to setup specific rules for specific customers and based on specific fields. Can also connect to other systems, for example checking for prices and / or price changes in a partner's system.


Allow your trading partner to send you documents via DX2 using different transport methods such as SFTP, FTP, and using our DX2 Public API.

Advanced search

Ability to search on a string of text within a document makes finding specific docs very easy.

Related documents and attachments

Get all the relevant documents related to a transaction in one place! All documents related to the transaction are linked to in the "Relationships" panel. Original PDF of document is also linked to and you can add any other attachments if needed.

Security Groups

Users are grouped into Security Groups in DX2 according to their roles within the company. These may be system administrators, AP clerks, department managers, finance controllers, and so on. Permissions are assigned to these groups of Users giving them authority to perform certain actions.

Engage with your team and partners

Effective engagement is a core principal of the DX2 platform. Empower and connect your team to focus on the work that really matters. Drive engagement and collaboration to build networks and partnerships.


With DX2's message panel you can communicate on the platform with your team, or with your suppliers or customers right alongside the relevant document.

Activity Feed

Keep in touch with all actions that have happened with a document.


Get notified in real time about the signals that matter on any device.

Easily create POs and get them approved

Easily create POs from wherever they are (on any device) and get them approved.

DX2 Purchase

DX2 Purchase's shopping cart style user interface makes it easy for staff to use. Once approved, the PO can be sent to your supplier speeding up the purchasing process. Your users can receipt the PO when goods or services are received.

Collaborative Basket

Work with your suppliers or customers on their purchase orders, add the correct items or values to improve accuracy.

Guided Buying

Control maverick spend by employees by provided Guided Buying journeys for the common products and services you buy.

3 Way Match

3 Way Match match links PO, GRN and Invoice documents together. Invoice quantity and unit prices are matched to GRN and PO documents at line level. Auto match rules are applied to achieve a high rate of straight through matching. Invoices not auto matched are easily handled through an intuitive manual match user interface.

Punch Out / Round Trip

Build your shopping cart on your retailers site and use our DX2 Chrome plugin to transfer the contents of your cart to DX2 Purchase for approval. The best thing is that all your pricing and products will be up to date and accurate.

Turn paper digital

DX2 Capture (driven by Microsoft Vision) enables you to automatically find and extract the crucial, process-driving data found on incoming documents and reduce manual entry.

DX2 Capture

Convert order and invoice documents to digital data; PDFs, digital files, scanned documents or manual entry.

Straight through processing

Setup rules and auto approve invoices. STP allows DX2 to digitise the document straight away for further processing, whether its approval or just straight into your ERP system.

Global templates

Common trading partner templates available for faster start to your DX2 digital journey.

Fast and flexible approvals

Accurately code and get approval of documents across your distributed team and on any device.

Approve on the go

With our responsive design you can use DX2 Approvals on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Monthly invoice statement coding with Distribution Summary

Put away the calculator and code your complex monthly statements on DX2. Distribution Summary is designed to enable coding of invoice statement lines which require splitting or merging.

Multiple approval workflows

Flexible approvals to meet your delegated authority needs.

Analysis & Reporting

DX2's innovative use of analysis tags allows you to tag spend and then bring into Power BI or your reporting solution to better analyse costs and performance.

Analysis tags

Tag spend with meaningful labels for analysis via your preferred reporting solution or with Power BI.

Power BI

DX2 connects to Power BI (or your current reporting solution). We've developed some template reports that you can have up and running straight away. Plus you'll be able to create the reports that you need using our OData connector.

OData connector

Allows you to connect to DX2 with your reporting tool of choice.


You can connect to any of your operating systems using DX2's APIs.


DX2 offers you and your trading partner a choose how you will send and receive methodology, this allows SFTP / FTP / Http API Integration / Web Hooks Integration / Direct File uploads and Email.


DX2 Integration also offers transformation that means you can work with the data you have submitted in various ways: Flatfiles, CSV ( Bulk and individual ), Json, XML.

Configurable integration

Integration using DX2 are all configuration based, you can configure your self with your own rules, transform and deal with the data to fit your need.

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The digital transformation
of our clients

DX2 gives ETCO better visibility of spend as and when it happens
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Burger King choose DX2 for improved accounts payable efficiency and productivity

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