Burger King choose DX2 for improved efficiency and productivity

The Situation

Antares Restaurant Group (the exclusive franchisee for Burger King in NZ) are on a mission to get more of their business processes and documents digital with the aim to improve efficiency and productivity across their business.

After seeing a demo of DX2 a few months ago, Steve Browning, CFO, liked the vision of what DX2 as a digital business platform was designed to achieve. And even though Antares have been digital innovators for some time, there were further improvements and enhancements to efficiency that Steve and the Antares team wanted to make.

Antares had already been using DX2 for seven years as their EDI solution giving them access to all the benefits of EDI. DX2 sends purchase orders and receives invoices from their largest suppliers making this whole process (that involves several thousand documents every month) as smooth as possible. Antares really like that they can track where documents are at in the process, and also that they can retry documents when something has gone awry. This is a unique feature in DX2 - error tracking and self-diagnosis. The team at Antares felt it was time to look at how else DX2 could benefit them.

The Challenge

Several years ago Antares had implemented a digital purchase order and invoice approvals solution, as well as an invoice scanning tool. Several issues with these systems meant they weren't as successful as Antares had hoped they would be and they found that they just weren't getting the value they were looking for.

The Solution

After the demo of DX2 Purchase, DX2 Capture and DX2 Approvals; Steve and Restaurant Accounting Manager Steffan Braks, could see that there were several areas DX2 offered improved or new functionality/features over their current solutions. Steve and Steffan were also excited about the potential to increase the number of suppliers sending invoices as EDI documents bypassing the OCR scanning/capture process all together in order to achieve even greater efficiency.  They're now starting conversations with many Antares suppliers to kick start this process of getting their invoices in an EDI format (digital data). This will enable Antares to build their very own digital network where staff and suppliers can securely exchange documents and messages.

Here are some other improvements Antares are seeking to make by implementing DX2 Purchase, Capture and Approvals. We'll file another story at the end of the project letting you know if we've achieved all of these:

  • Improved uptake of purchase orders by users due to DX2 Purchase's innovative shopping cart style user interface
  • Greater visibility of upcoming spend
  • Flexible approval chains, ability to skip users
  • Better collaboration and engagement across their team and suppliers
  • Improved accuracy of month end accruals due to the purchase orders being priced at source
  • Faster invoice capture (scanning) process
  • Substantially less manual processing
  • Improved reporting - especially around non-financial information such as campaigns through DX2's innovative use of Analysis tags.

The Result?

Stay posted - we'll soon be publishing details about the benefits that DX2 has delivered to the Burger King business.

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Burger King choose DX2 for improved efficiency and productivity

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