Your cloud-based B2B document exchange platform.

Transform the way your organisation works.

DX2 is a cloud-based B2B document exchange platform. 

A single platform to digitise 100% of the documents you send or receive. 



You can use DX2 in your business in these ways

For Payables:

  • Use it as a digital purchase order system so your staff can easily submit POs and get them approved.
  • Turn PDF invoices into digital data to code, get approved and flow to your ERP solution.
  • If your suppliers are able to send you invoices as digital data you can use DX2 to receive those files (as an EDI solution).

For Sales:

  • Use DX2 as a Customer Portal so your customers can easily submit their sales orders.
  • Turn PDF sales invoices into digital data so these can easily flow through to your ERP solution.
  • If your customers are able to send you sales orders as digital data then you can use DX2 to receive those files (as an EDI solution).



Why DX2?

A single tool to digitise 100% your sales and purchasing documents

An integrated platform for all digital document exchange with your trading partners no matter their size, plus purchase orders, OCR capture and approvals.

Any document type

Purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, ASNs, freight notifications etc.

Better error management

Easily diagnose errors, fix and resubmit.

Less work for your team

More efficient system and processes gives you the ability to grow your team without increasing your admin costs.

Cloud-based, multi-device capable

Works for your distributed team.

Improved analysis / reporting

Several template Power BI reports available and/or easily create your own.

Better spend control

Use DX2 Purchase / Guided Buying to ensure staff are buying within guidelines.

Improved trading partner engagement

More easily manage different supplier and customer EDI requirements; and make it easy to setup. 

Any file format

xml, cxml, csv, pdf etc.

More visibility

Of where documents are in the process.

Improved communication / collaboration

With internal team, suppliers and customers.

Easy access / storage of documents

Both current and historical.

Faster approvals / payment process

Convert invoices to digital data and get them approved online. 

Continued digital innovation

Works for your organisation now and in the future as you make more of your processes digital.

DX2 Modules 

Modules for all stages of your digital transformation journey.

DX2 Core

DX2 Core is the foundation module for our platform. With DX2 Core you can send and receive any digital documents, collaborate, analyse and track all documents.

DX2 Core includes:

  • All EDI functions such as the Digital Courier, transforms, rules, value mapping and connectors.
  • Collaboration, analysis tags
  • Olympic Search

Also included:

  • 1 ERP connector
  • 1,000 OData calls per month (so you can connect to Power BI or other reporting tools).

DX2 Purchase

With DX2 Purchase:
• Your staff can easily create POs from wherever they are (on any device) and get them approved.
• It’s shopping cart style user interface helps with getting better user adoption.
• The PO can automatically be sent to your supplier once approved leads to faster processing.
• You can work collaboratively with your team and/or suppliers on the POs.
• Your users can receipt the PO when goods or services are received. 

    DX2 Capture & Approvals

    With DX2 Capture & Approvals you can:

    • Convert documents to digital data without the supplier needing to change anything in their process.
    • Import your documents or digital data in multiple ways; PDFs, digital files, scanned documents or manual entry.
    • Accurately code and get approval of documents across your distributed team and on any device.

      Analysis and Reporting via Power BI

      DX2 connects to Power BI (or your current reporting solution). We’ve developed some template reports that you can have up and running straight away. Plus you’ll be able to create the reports that you need using our OData connector. 



        What our customers are saying?

        Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

        The feedback has been very positive from the team. The majority of users have found DX2 to be very user friendly. Viewing the attached invoice is a great advantage as is the security of knowing that every invoice has been signed off for payment as per delegations. The Administration Team has noted the amount of times one invoice needs to be handled has significantly been reduced, which is a huge positive!!

        Morgan Galbraith

        CFO, Dairy Holdings Limited

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