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Burger King choose DX2 for improved efficiency

Antares Restaurant Group (the exclusive franchisee for Burger King in NZ) are on a mission to get more of their business processes and documents digital.

Discover how DX2 helped Dairy Holdings meet the challenge of lockdown

“With this lockdown in place, if we weren’t on DX2, it would have been a complete nightmare. We’re all able to work from our individual homes. We just couldn’t do without it.”



DX2 helped ETCO to create purchase requisitions via an automated workflow.

DX2 has transformed the way ETCO conducts business. I now get better visibility of spend as and when it happens.”

Dx2 is a digital exchange platform

A single platform to digitise 100% of the documents you send or receive, collaborate on those documents and build your own digital network.

Digitise your sales and purchasing docs and processes

With DX2 you can digitise your trading relationships, automate processes,
connect your team, maximise profitability and
better analyse costs and performance.

Digitise your trading relationships and 100% of the docs you send and receive

An integrated engagement platform for digital document exchange (i.e. EDI) and creation, plus Apps for purchase or sales orders, OCR capture and approvals.


Connect your team on DX2's trusted, interaction-enabling network

Enjoy greater transparency of documents and related messages across your own secure, collaborative network enabling you to digitise your trading relationships and work across your distributed team.

Maximise profitability

DX2 gives you the ability to create a more efficient process at each stage of the value chain process. Reduced manual processing and costly errors leads to improved efficiency.


Flexible, scalable platform

DX2 is powered by the Azure allowing you to scale up as your needs grow. DX2 with the help of Azure is designed to meet the challenges of today as well as tomorrow.

Better analyse costs / performance

Innovative use of analysis tags allows you to tag spend to better analyse costs and performance. Increased visibility of key data provides the opportunity for revenue growth. DX2 connects to Power BI, or access the data via API for analysis in your preferred reporting solution.

Any doc type, Any file format

Doc types such as credit notes, invoices, despatch advice, purchase orders, sales orders, quotes, receipt advice, remittance advice. File formats such as xml, cxml, csv, pdf etc.

DX2 Apps

You can use DX2 in your business in these ways

With DX2 Core

You can:

  • Use DX2 as a secure, digital workplace to connect your team, suppliers and customers, and collaborate on documents you send and receive.

With DX2 Purchase

  • Your staff can easily create POs from wherever they are (on any device) and get them approved.
  • It’s shopping cart style user interface helps with getting better user adoption.
  • The PO can automatically be sent to your supplier once approved leads to faster processing.
  • You can work collaboratively with your team and/or suppliers on the POs.
  • Your users can receipt the PO when goods or services are received. 

With DX2 Capture

You can:

  • Convert documents to digital data without the supplier needing to change anything in their process.
  • Import your documents or digital data in multiple ways; PDFs, digital files, scanned documents or manual entry.

With DX2 Approvals

You can:

  • Accurately code and get approval of documents across your distributed team and on any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital document exchange?

Digital Document Exchange is a way for one business to send another business their documents as digital files (xml, csv, cxml) rather than by PDF or paper. The two parties to this exchange are usually called trading partners. This means that a document can be received directly into a trading partners system without the need for that trading partner to key the information from the document into their system separately saving processing time and money. 

What ERP solutions can DX2 connect to?

DX2 is ERP agnostic, meaning that we can connect DX2 to any ERP solution.

It’s also important to note that DX2 does not replace your current ERP or Accounting solution. DX2 is a system of engagement that you can use in conjunction with your accounting solution to deliver faster and more efficient digital document exchange capability for improved engagement with your team, your suppliers and your customers. 

Can DX2 be used as a payables automation (P2P) solution?

Yes, DX2 can digitise your purchase orders and invoices, then allow you to accurately code these and get them approved across your distributed team. 

Can DX2 be used for EDI?

Yes, DX2 can be used in the place of EDI. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) refers to a old way of doing digital data exchange. EDI requires very strict formats and is expensive to set up and maintain. EDI is usually only available to the largest organisations.  DX2 is much more flexible and available to all businesses no matter the size. 

How does DX2 authenticate users?

If a user has been linked up with the Active Directory, the user will be windows authenticated to enable SSO.

If the user is trying to access the DX2 system on another machine that they’re not logged on with the associated Active Directory account, then the email and nominated password is required for the login process.

Does DX2 come with a standard report suite and ability for users to run adhoc reports?

DX2 connects to PowerBI. DX2 ships with a few select standard reports dependent on which Apps you choose. You can also connect to the OData layer via API to bring the data into your reporting solution of choice and create all the reports you need. 

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