The Digital Opportunity


Imagine your business in a few years. You’ve assessed how technology can help you create the most efficient internal processes possible.

Your invoices and purchase orders are now being sent and received as digital data; your software and documents are stored on the cloud accessible from anywhere at anytime; your ecommerce site processes transactions directly into your finance system, and delivery information is automatically processed to your warehouse; your business intelligence system alerts you to best and worst performing product lines; your CRM efficiently keeps track of your customer data, and where your clients are at in the sales process; your employees are connected and able to collaborate and share information easily.

You’ve moved your organisation from transactions to relationships, from information stores to information flows, from brick and mortar commerce to ecommerce, mobile commerce and collaborative commerce, you’ve got a distributed workforce that can collaborate efficiently and your IT is focused on systems of engagement.

This future is possible now. It’s part of the huge digital opportunity that exists. It’s where competitive advantage and innovation resides. Without it your business risks being left behind.

We can help to get your business digital and connected. We call this the digital opportunity. Let us help you take advantage of it.


Get your business digital & connected

Add on high value software solutions to accelerate your strategic goals

How are our customers getting digital and connected?

We help Woolworths Australia with the platform development of one of the most successful Ecommerce platforms in Australasia.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) use Go Workforce Productivity as the time recording system for their 2,000 full-time, part-time and contract staff.

When Integrated Foods were looking for a highly scalable, stable and customisable ecommerce platform for their Lamb Club website, they chose Trader Ecommerce.

Why choose Olympic?

World-class software solutions

Whether they are designed by us or by an international vendor, we offer the software solutions that we do because they are world-class.  Our software solutions are proven; and they will work for your business now and in the future.

Our experienced consultants

Our consultants love helping our clients. They get a real buzz out of improving business processes through the use of IT. Between them, they have a tonne of business experience and they love using that to help businesses like yours succeed.

We want to be your technology partner

Ideally, you’re looking for a long-term technology partner – just like we are. Sure we can help you out with a single implementation of one of our solutions, but we’d really like to contribute to your business now and in the coming years.

Our co-create software methodology

You understand your business better than anyone. We understand the technology. Let’s work together to configure or customise the right software solution to fit your business’s strategic advantage.


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