Yes! – you can have Office 2010.

There’s been a few questions in various places and from our customers about whether they can install Office 2010 as part of their subscription.  While this is obviously not the latest version of the product and therefore does not provide the best experience with Office 365 – in particular SharePoint.  It is still a viable and the only option for those users running Windows XP or Windows Vista as their desktop operation system.

But what seems to elude many people is how they actually install Office 2010.  I happened upon this by mistake on day a few weeks back and thought that is was another one of those little changes that Microsoft snuck in to the product without telling us.  And then I noticed that it had disappeared again.  Having read another comment from someone that you could get the 2010 install from the portal I decided to check again.  Alas, I couldn’t find it… then the proverbial brainwave happened….  Login to the portal from an older OS.  Voila!  Under the Download Software  section I now have the opportunity to download Office 2010.  Of course it would be handy to access both versions from my admin login, especially if I have a mix of OS’s in my environment – who knows… perhaps another wee tweak they may sneak in.

Office Pro Plus 2010, and the 2010 language packs taken from a Windows XP machine with IE8