DX2 Procurement (Purchase Orders, Invoice Capture and Approvals) enables organisations to automate the accounts payables process and cut administration costs.

DX2 Procurement offers a new and innovative approach focused on digitising paper, user adoption, and simple, intuitive processes that work.

What problems do we solve?

Some of the problems that our clients told us they wanted to solve:

  • Lengthy processing time
  • Excessive data entry
  • Keying errors in data entry
  • Poor user adoption by operational users for purchase orders
  • Poor visibility of status of invoices
  • Data/process restricted to ERP users
  • Physical store of invoices means that historic invoices are difficult to find and only accessible to a few
  • Duplicate invoices causing rework.
  • Collaboration via email not visible to the whole team
  • How to digitise handwritten invoices.

Key goals

  • Ease of use
  • Timely information, accessible to many, delivered in context
  • Decisions brought closer to the activity
  • Collaborate with trading network

The outcome?

DX2 Purchase, Capture and Approvals significantly reduces time taken to process purchase orders and invoices. This saves significant time for our clients each month in the processing of their purchase orders and invoices.

The key benefits of DX2 Procurement

  • Fully integrated to Dynamics GP
  • User adoption for purchasing greatly improved
  • Office Staff and Managers are notified when approvals are required making the approvals process easier
  • Improved communication/collaboration on purchase orders and invoices with the ability to add messages alongside the document
  • Faster purchase order and invoice approvals process with approvals completed digitally
  • Visibility of where a purchase order or invoice is in the procurement process saving time spent chasing up
  • After first template for each invoice has been created, minimal or no data entry required for further invoices
  • Invoices can be approved as they are received by business
  • Duplicate invoices identified early on in process
  • Purchase orders and invoices stored digitally and easily found so time saved checking paper-based file to view original purchase orders and invoices
  • All staff in the approvals process can refer to historic invoices, not just staff in the office
  • Office team shift from processing information to analysing information
  • Provides the ability for the broader business to engage and share information and data in a timely fashion
  • Analytics gives you the ability to tag spend with meaningful labels for analysis
  • Future roadmap items include, and machine learning (intelligent automation), recharge costs module, punch out, AD federation, ability to link spend to budget
  • Staff enjoy a greater sense of job satisfaction as they move to a more efficient system
  • SaaS pricing includes all upgrades, hosting and data charges
  • Hosted in the Cloud so no worries around security, backups and storage sizes
  • DX2 can be accessed from any device (i.e. Mobile Phone, Tablet, Desktop) so gives you the ability to do Approvals on the run
  • Established rapid deployment capability and ‘Out of the box’ best practice processes
  • DX2 is EDI ready.