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Solver, driving better and faster decisions in times of change

Solver’s corporate performance management solution that includes reporting, budgeting, dashboards and data warehouse enables customers to simplify day-to-day planning and reporting tasks, foster collaboration, increase productivity and enhance security.

Recently, Solver announced an agreement with Microsoft to integrate Cloud Planning and Reporting solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.

This is great news for our clients. This enables MS Dynamics 365 customers to get up and running with pre-built, fully functioning forecasts, budgets and reports in as little as one day.

Customers will also benefit from the Solver multi-tenant cloud solution’s utilisation of Microsoft technologies, which includes:

- Availability on global Azure data centers;
- Use of Azure Active Directory for single sign on;
- Integration to Microsoft Teams for collaboration;
- Cloud-connected Excel add-in for flexible report and input form design;
- and out-of-the box Power BI connector for professional dashboards.

In a time of economic uncertainties, this quick-time-to-value will also help us to deliver Solver's advanced planning to our customers in record time.

Platinum partner certification

Full service Solver Platinum partner

In 2011, we became the first Solver (BI360) partner in New Zealand. It wasn't long before we then progressed to becoming a full service partner at a Platinum level.

Between 2012 to 2017, we gained around 30 BI360 clients and substantially grew our knowledge and experience with the Solver suite.

We have had a wide range of client types that we have supported using Solver BI360, from rural clients to hotels, retail, automotive and government departments, and not-for-profit.

We currently have four staff who have various skills in both the BI360 on-premise version as well as the new Solver cloud version, from consulting through to technical support.  

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Solver Modules to maximise reporting and budgeting

Automate and streamline your reporting & consolidation

Whether in the office or working remotely, Solver Reporting offers you robust, business user-friendly financial and operational reporting as well as consolidations.

Solver’s cloud suite offers modern, dynamic reporting with out-of-the-box integrations to many of the world’s most popular on-premise and cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

The easy-to-use and flexible report writer offers cloud-connected Excel report design with a modern browser-based web portal that provides finance professionals and end-users with powerful financial and operational reporting capabilities in a variety of layouts and presentation formats.

Start streamlining reporting for your business with Solver's CPM Software.

Check out examples of Solver's CPM software in action or learn more from the Solver Template series.

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Budget, forecast, and model with diverse data types

Eliminate your manual spreadsheet-based planning processes and back-and-forth emails to achieve modern, dynamic budgets and forecasts with self-service Solver Planning.

A combination of automated budgeting and forecasting capabilities gives business leaders a comprehensive planning tool for future investments, cost control, reporting and analysis.

A modern budgeting solution not only provides process automation, time savings and more accuracy, but it also helps manage your financial expectations for future periods. The latest forecasting technology allows you to estimate your financial outcomes based on past data on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. These aspects of financial planning provide critical insights and competitive advantages for your company.

With the budgeting module in the Solver CPM Software Suite, you can manage budgets all in one place, create detailed reports and automate financial forecasts while presenting them in visual graphs and dashboards that you can share with the team.

These features integrate with the rest of Solver’s solution to reimagine the way you manage your company’s finances.

Check out examples of Solver's CPM software in action or learn more from the Solver Template series.

Contact us today about how our software can transform your business.

Access and visualise company data for quick insights

Integrated with Power BI, Solver Dashboards deliver easy-to-understand insights into the health of your organization, enabling faster analysis and smarter decisions.

With Solver’s cloud-based web portal, your reporting and budgeting users as well as executives can also get access to dashboards. Solver integrates directly with Microsoft Power BI, the world’s leading visualization solution. Dashboards help unify your most important assets – your people and your data. These powerful, web-based dashboards help you visualize trends, identify issues, and ultimately drive success, whether you deploy on-premises or in the Cloud. Solver’s Power BI connector and templates enables professional, near real-time dashboards for any data you load to the Solver Data Warehouse.

Check out examples of Solver's CPM software in action or learn more from the Solver Template series. Contact our team today to start taking advantage of our dashboards for financial management and analysis!

Leverage consolidated company data for world class decisions

Connect the dots of your diverse data sources with the Solver Data Warehouse, which allows you to consolidate company information in one easy-to-use, high performance platform.

The Solver Data Warehouse is a next-generation, pre-configured data warehouse based on the world-leading Microsoft SQL Azure platform. Finally, a data warehouse that can integrate some or all of your transactional data sources into a single database that can be managed by your business users. Now all of your key data, whether in-house or cloud-based, can be stored and available for consolidated reporting, analysis, and dashboards.

Improve your financial planning and reporting with Solver's data warehouse software. Check out examples of Solver's CPM software in action or learn more from the Solver Template series.

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