Workflow automation: help or hype?

What happens after a problematic process has been identified?

Our previous white paper, “Business Process Reviews: Fixing it BEFORE it gets Broke”, looked at the importance of reviewing business processes to investigate where greater efficiency could be achieved. By impartially and critically reviewing its processes, an organisation can identify where it is losing profitable sales, incurring unnecessary costs, and eroding shareholder value.

What happens, though, after a problematic process has been identified?

This white paper examines the next step in the review process: that of breaking practices down into their smallest component parts, then searching for opportunities to automate and integrate each component to achieve maximum efficiency.

This paper investigates the growing importance of workflows both between and within organisations, discussing the kinds of benefits that can be achieved through automation, key characteristics to consider when investigating workflow automation systems, and typical challenges experienced in the automation process. It concludes by summarising suggested next steps for organisations who want to avoid giving away advantage to their competition.

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