Business Process Reviews: Fixing it before it gets broke

What’s involved in a Business Process Review

“If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it” is a maxim with no place in today’s competitive business environment. Every unnecessary cost cuts into a company’s bottom line – every ineffective practice wastes time and money; bleeding resources that could be devoted to increasing sales, furthering your business objectives and generally, creating competitive advantage.

This means organisational decision-makers must ensure that the processes their staff employ are as efficient as possible. Additionally, executives need to distinguish between processes (the mandated way in which things should be done) and practices (the way they are actually done) – and understand that it is practices, not processes, that determine efficiency.

Business Process Reviews enable organisations to critically examine their daily processes and practices. In doing so, they discover not only what’s broken and needs fixing now (or indeed, what’s in danger of breaking in the future), but also what’s acting as a barrier to productivity – even if it seems to be working at the moment.

This paper is intended as a resource for business decision-makers seeking a clear understanding of what comprises a Business Process Review. It discusses the warning signs that indicate a review might be needed, the most common challenges faced by those implementing a review, and the benefits that can reasonably be expected. It concludes by summarising the next steps for businesses wanting to ensure maximum organisational efficiency and competitive advantage.

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