onboard.office365A new Sign up wizard for Microsoft Office 365 is coming that will help deploy your organizations scenario. https://onramp.office365.com/OnRamp/
The service is not ready yet but you can get a general feel for how the wizard works by working your way through the questions.

Work your way through Service selection, Feature review and Office 365 readiness questions.
Depending on your answers, the degree of Setup difficulty is displayed in a summary section on the right (easy, advanced or difficult)
If your setup scenario is easy, selecting all services, using online identity management and a simple mail migration, you finish the wizard quite quickly.
If you’ve chosen Active Directory Federation and a Hybrid Exchange deployment, the wizard offers many more choices.  It also guides the user to look for a Microsoft Partner to help with a link to the Office 365 Pinpoint page.  Or if you are an IT, you can continue answering the questions.

In the extended / advanced wizard, you’ll be asked questions about your network, platform, users and groups, email, web conferencing and file sharing needs, your use of Office Pro Plus and Support/Security and Legal requirements.
In my scenario, there were 138 questions. You can list them all the questions or move between sections in a linear fashion.  You can save your progress to continue later, if you need to consult with others in your organization about the choices you want to make.  The progress is saved as an XML file you can save locally and submit later.
You can add notes to the answers, to give a bit more detail of your specific requirements.

I expect the results from the onboard questions will take you straight to the new sign up page to request a trial or purchase a subscription.