Dilbert Image: © Scott Adams, May 28, 2008.

You can do BYOD the hard way or the easy way.  At SmartStuff we help organizations do BYOD the easy way.

I recently attended a workshop which helped me realize how hard ‘the hard way’ can be.  The workshop stepped us through using a collection of technologies such as Microsoft System Centre 2012, Direct Access and Active Directory.  If you have in-depth IT experience and are prepared to put in the hours to configure it , you will get there.  But ‘the hard way’ does require significant investment of time, money and maintenance.

The Easy Way…

Office 365 makes it easy to use your own device to access work resources and documents.  It gives the business a simpler way to enter the BYOD resource offering.

Use Exchange Online to make your email accessible on Own Devices, using Outlook 2010 / 2007.  No major firewall changes. No edge Exchange servers required.

Use SharePoint Online to share documents, libraries, lists, make an intranet available.  Protect it with role based access and security, yet still be accessible from Own Devices.

Use Lync Online to communicate from Own Devices, connect, share desktops and hold online meetings.

Subscribe to Office Pro Plus separately or as part of a P or E plan and give staff with Own Devices rights to install Office Pro Plus on their Own Devices.

Consumerization of IT / BYOD doesn’t have to be hard.  Put it in the cloud…