This update to Dynamics GP2013 was just released. I thought I would take the opportunity to highlight a few of my favourite added features.

New Dashboard Reports in Excel

A lot of work has been happening in the Excel reporting space.  There were a lot of sessions at Convergence this year that focussed on this and quite a few of the Dynamics GP consultants (myself included) have been looking at how we utilise this to make your life easier and information easier to attain.  With this release, a default dashboard report for Financials, Sales, Purchasing and Inventory have been deployed.  These do work best with Microsoft Excel 2013.


Document Attach

Microsoft has been working to improve the old OLE container functionality and earlier releases saw the inclusion of a Document Attach feature in a few places.  Each release sees enhancements to this feature.  Three of particular note in this release:

  • Inclusion of the feature in the Payables Management transactions.
  • The ability to use a scan button from the document attach window to make a slightly quicker process (still only useful for individual documents rather than batch processing).
  • The attach icon in the Record Notes (old OLE container) now links to the Document Attach window – meaning attachments can be added to notes.  All are stored in the SQL database so therefore included with the database backup.  There is a migration utility available to move OLE stored notes and files to the new structure.


Email Functionality

Another area that is growing and improving with every release.  Two items of note:
•You can assign particular e-mail addresses to different document types – i.e. sales quotes to one person but invoices go to another.
•This one was definitely needed – automatically sales and purchase order documents that could not be e-mailed will be printed.  Customer statements that are not e-mailed will also be printed.


Action Pane

By now we are used to Action Panes in other Microsoft products.  Now you have the choice in Dynamics GP to use a full Action Pane, smaller icons or the traditional menu bar:






Unlike applying some other user preferences, this one does require you to log out and back in again to apply the changes.


Database backup storage in the Cloud

With some pre-requisite setup, there is now an option to backup copies of your database and store them in the Azure platform.  This provides a reliable storage option with easily retrievable back up files.


SmartList Designer

This new feature popped up after applying Service Pack 2 – a huge new feature for a service pack release.  It is worth noting here the full functionality that can be achieved as you may not be aware that it exists at all:

  • Explore database tables and views
  • Add or remove the fields from the SmartList
  • Create and modify calculated fields
  • Select a format for a currency field
  • Specify relationships between tables
  • Specify filters to restrict data
  • Preview your results
  • Create Go To menu options – added with this release


Paste Journal Entries from Microsoft Excel

I haven’t looked at the details of how this works as yet but this sounds pretty good for some of those items you get sent randomly that you need to journal.  If you don’t use Integration Manager to integrate from journal templates, this is probably even more attractive.

Essentially, the feature allows you to paste a journal entry in Excel directly into the journal entry window.


Opening a Closed Financial Year

It is worth noting that this feature has been enabled (not to be used lightly).  I am not entirely sure I have come across a situation where it would be needed – but handy to know you can if you need to.  This only applies to the most recently closed year.


Reprint Outstanding Transactions Report from Bank Reconciliation

One of my training mandates with new sites has been always print bank reconciliation reports – the main reason for this, the Outstanding Transactions Report can not be reprinted.  Now it can – one more step towards the paperless office.  I have to say though, it is probably still the main area that I would still print the reports.  These ones are actually really useful.


Fixed Assets Default Numbering by Class

This is an awesome little feature.  You can choose a numbering sequence for each different class of assets and the numbering will then happen by default.  My first thought was, hang on, we don’t select the class until after assigning the number – not anymore – Class ID is selected first:





There are some other enhancements and patches in the background – these are the key ones of interest to our client base.  For more information on how you can upgrade to the latest release, contact our support desk  and a consultant can be assigned to work through the options with you.


Heather Roggeveen is a MS Dynamics GP Consultant with Olympic Software. After 15 years of working with the end user all the way from designing the solution to user training, she has become a Dynamics GP expert. Heather regularly shares her knowledge, including tips and tricks for end users in her blog articles. Follow her on Twitter @HRoggeveen to be notified of her latest articles. You can also like Olympic Software on Facebook or follow us on LinkedIn or on Twitter @OlympicSoftware. For more information about Dynamics GP and how it could benefit your business, view the Dynamics GP page on our website or give us a call, 09-357 0022.