Open a New Browser SessionI recently responded to a question in the Office 365 Community about subscriptions. The person was logged into two trial accounts / tenants that were going to expire soon. He wanted to purchase a license for one to retain his configuration. However, when he purchased his license it appeared to have been applied to the wrong trial account.

My advice is, if you ever have to:

  • Purchase licenses
  • Respond to a invite for delegated access
  • Change federation settings
  • Post to the Office 365 community

… be sure that you are using the intended Office 365 session you are logged into.

The best and most obvious way to ensure you aren’t mixing up your sessions and purchasing licenses for the wrong account / tenant?
Close all your browsers and log in with a fresh session.

If you are a pro at managing many windows and browser sessions, just open up a new session in your browser.
(Alt + [F]ile, New Sess[i]on…)

Save yourself the time and hassle of creating a service request to move your license purchases.
Start a new browser session.