A couple of weeks ago, I was sitting back on Saturday night enjoying great performances from the All Blacks, and then the Warriors. I was content. There is nothing more enjoyable than being part of a winning team. Even though I’m just a faithful supporter, it still felt good to win.

The effect a team has on all its members is a force that cannot be underestimated. If you’re on a team enjoying some success of delivery or completion of a project, the feelings can be emphatic, unbelievable. Likewise when the project is under stress with late time lines and cost over runs, well we know what that feels like.

So how do we manage such highs and lows? At our recent Ellerslie .Net User Group meet up, we discussed how Agile processes and Continuous Delivery methods have been introduced at Olympic Software with one of our clients – Woolworths Australia.

We covered the effects an Agile transformation has had, not only to the contributors within the Online Shopping project (aka the “team”) but also its effects on Olympic and Woolworths organisations.

While the implementations have not completely prevented late delivery and costs overruns (which is an unrealistic expectation for Agile and Continuous Delivery) these methods have given us tools that allow us to control and react quickly when we find ourselves in pressure situations.

As with the English team, their biggest challenge will be how they react from losing to the All Blacks. Professional sports has the luxury of enormous resources with very little constraints. For us developers, our constraints are much greater, so the tools we rely on need to be that much better.

Here are the slides from the presentation. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions or comments by commenting below.

Reuben Dunn is a core contributor to the OnlineShopping platform at Olympic Software. Follow him on Twitter or on LinkedIn. Contact him at reubend@olympic.co.nz. If you’d like to join the Ellerslie .Net User Group meet ups then go to www.ellerslieusergroup.net.nz