I have Office 2013 installed on my laptop, using the Click-to-Run installation method.  This means I downloaded Office 2013 directly from my Office 365 portal.

Today I received an alert that Office updates are available. I installed them and the whole process took no longer than 5 minutes.

It wasn’t as seamless as I expected.  The applications I was running at the time needed to close.  I expected that the update ‘bits’ would stream in while I was using Office. But by letting the update process close the applications, they were re-opened back at the point in my document I was last working, at the end of the installation.  And as I said, it only took 5 minutes because the update only streamed the bits that were required.



Click the update balloon



Allow your programs to be closed automatically.





Updates install.




Updates finish installing.



After which, the Office applications I had opened before I installed the updates,  opened automatically, returning to the very same page I was working from.

Simple update process, short install time and returned to where I left off. I’m happy.
I was able to Keep Calm-Install Updates-Carry On Working.