We have a customer was interested in posting video’s on their Team Site in Office 365’s SharePoint.  It is something we at Olympic Software are beginning to do.  We are creating training video’s and embedding them in pages for the products we support and the technologies we use.  So naturally, we wanted to find out if this was possible in Office 365.

Yes, there are plenty of work-arounds by using the Content webpart and entering some fancy html.  But I didn’t want that for my customers, who would struggle with the coding.  Besides, there is an “Insert Video” button on the public site for SharePoint online.  Why not the Team / Private site?

With the help of Bob Kasper at Office 365 SharePoint Support, we found the key – you need to activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure.  Here’s how:


  • An E plan (note about the P Plan*), Silverlight installed (for you and for your audience**.)


  1. Log into portal.microsoftonline.com and browse to Team Site
  2. Go to Site Actions > Site Settings
  3. Under the Site Collection Administration menu choose Site Collection Features
  4. Near the bottom of the list of features, activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure.  (This may take a few minutes to activate.)

Now when you create a new page, you can insert a video using Editing Tools > Insert > Media > Video and Audio.

Use this help article to guide you to use the Video and Audio webpart.


*The P plan has limited Site Collection Features. SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure is not available in the list on the P plan.

** These instructions are for your Intranet site and your audience is your Staff.  Ensure that your Intranet users / Staff all have Silverlight installed.