Stock transfers in Microsoft Dynamics GP are used to move product from one site to another.  This will deal with a simple transfer, however, you can use an in-transit site if you have them set up.

Transactions –>Inventory –>Transfer Entry


The Default Site ID: fields can be used to auto-populate the From Site and To Site fields on the line item.  You can change the From Site and To Site for an individual line item.

Note: if either of the Site ID fields do not default at the line level, it is because the item is not assigned to that site.  Manually put in the Site ID and you will be asked if you want to assign it.  Choose yes and continue with the rest of the transfer.

Reason Codes can be used across Inventory and can be used to drive GL posting.  They need to be set up before using.


Serial / Lot Number ltems

If the item you are moving is tracking either serial or lot numbers, the appropriate window will open.  Select the serial or lot numbers you are transferring.


Serial Number Tracking Window


Lot Number Tracking Window


After choosing the serial or lot number, you will be taken back to the main screen.  Add additional lines to the transfer or post as needed.  You can either transaction level post or save to a batch as appropriate for your processes.


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