Digital document exchange

Transform the way your organisation works.

Simple digital document exchange (or EDI) for your business.

  • DX2 streamlines the trading between parties where immediate cost savings and efficiencies are realised with instantaneous sharing of documents and messages.
  • Communicate and collaborate with your colleagues and/or suppliers/customers right alongside the relevant document and from within the platform, without the use of email or texting.
  • DX2 brings all the savings and benefits of digital document exchange (or EDI) normally only available to the largest companies) to all small to medium businesses.

DX2 – Digital Document Exchange

  • Send / receive documents in any format to/from all your trading partners. 
  • Low investment barrier and immediate savings. 
  • Secure, private. 
  • Enables collaboration via chat providing transparent communications to entire team. 
  • Full trackability / traceability – ability to resubmit errored documents. 
  • Multi-device capable. 
  • Access to better financial data more quickly. 
  • E-invoicing service provider.


DX2 Procure to Pay Modules

  • DX2 Purchase
  • DX2 Capture 
  • DX2 Approvals 

DX2 Shared B2B Digital Exchange Workspace

  • Supplier engagement 
  • Customer engagement

What problems do we solve with DX2 Digital Document Exchange?

Expensive EDI

To engage customers/suppliers via EDI

Excessive data entry

Send orders, invoices and documents direct to your ERP or other systems

Paper-based systems

That are time consuming

How will your organisation benefit?

One-to-many digital exchange

Send/receive document data direct to/from ERP. Save time with full visibility for error detection and easy diagnosis.

Integrate with your ERP

Ability to fully integrate to your financials as a payables transaction.

Full visibility

Know where a purchase order or invoice is during the procurement process, saving time spent chasing up.

Enhanced team-wide comms

Give all relevant users access and collaborate with chat conversations right alongside the document.

Enriched data analysis

Data with personalised analysis keeps you informed and in control.

What our customers are saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

The feedback has been very positive from the team. The majority of users have found DX2 to be very user friendly. Viewing the attached invoice is a great advantage as is the security of knowing that every invoice has been signed off for payment as per delegations. The Administration Team has noted the amount of times one invoice needs to be handled has significantly been reduced, which is a huge positive!!

Morgan Galbraith

CFO, Dairy Holdings Limited

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital document exchange or EDI?

Digital Document Exchange, more commonly referred to as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a way for one business to send another business their data electronically rather than by paper. The two parties to this exchange are usually called trading partners. This means that a document can be received directly into a trading partners system without the need for that trading partner to key the information from the document into their system separately saving processing time and money.

What happens if a document fails to send?

DX2 provides an easy-to-use error management interface which allows you to view, correct and resubmit any documents.

Is DX2 a Cloud or On-Premise solution?

DX2 is hosted in the Cloud so there are no worries around security, backups or storage size.

What ongoing support is provided for DX2?

DX2 has been developed and is supported in New Zealand. By choosing DX2 you will be choosing a NZ solution. This gives you the ability to work directly with us on the solution to add your voice to improvements and changes.

What integrations to ERP systems are available?

DX2 currently integrates with GP out of the box, and we start from there. We work with you to understand your need in terms of your GP Configuration specifics and ensure that data is integrated correctly.

DX2 can also connect to any ERP system. Future connectors to market leading ERP systems will be progressively built into the platform over time.

Can we see the status of documents sent and received?

Yes. DX2’s ‘Digital Courier’ provides comprehensive document tracking from beginning to end, ensuring visibility of the document at all points of the exchange process.

What devices can you access DX2 on?

DX2 can be accessed from any device (i.e. Mobile Phone, Tablet, Desktop) so this gives you the ability to do Approvals on the run.

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