Using experience from more than 25 years of ERP consulting as well as ecommerce (Woolworths) and integration (Brother, Antares Burger King, Big Save Furniture, J Swap, QV and NZME) experience, Olympic Software has recrafted the approach to the procurement process problem.

DX2 Procurement (Purchase Orders, Invoice Capture and Approvals) offers a new and innovative approach focused on digitising paper, user adoption, and simple, intuitive processes that work.

What is DX2 Procurement?

DX2 Procurement made up of Purchase, Capture and Approvals are modules on our DX2 digital document exchange solution.

  • DX2 Purchase enables the creation of purchase requests using a shopping cart style user interface designed specifically to overcome the problem of user adoption. Once created, the purchase order can be sent for approval using a flexible, collaborative approvals process. The user can then send the digital PO to the Supplier and chat real time with them all from within the platform. A quick and simple receipting process rounds out this module.
  • With DX2 Capture you can convert invoices to digital data without the supplier needing to change anything in their process. If any of your suppliers are EDI ready then you can skip this step and have those invoices go straight to approvals (may be some one off mapping costs involved depending on their formats supplied).
  • DX2 Approvals enables you to accurately code and get approval of invoices using an online system, reducing the reliance on paper-based procurement processes and gives visibility to the team of where the approval is sitting.

Why DX2 Procurement?

There are many options which fulfil the procurement automation needs of a business. These applications have developed with an ERP first mindset and have in many instances failed to engage the hearts and minds of the operational users. This results in a less than optimal return on investment. Payables automation is often successful as this function is usually in the hands of the finance/admin users. However once purchase orders are implemented the rates of failure increase substantially. Operational users are slow to adopt the restrictions purchase orders place on their ability to efficiently perform their duties. Resulting in ‘playing the system’ behaviour like generating orders post-invoice/receipt and creating zero value PO’s. The PO approval process becomes plagued by inaccuracy which results in a returned reliance on the invoice approval process.

DX2 Procurement has been designed with the operational user at the forefront of mind. By providing operational users with a system that enables them to perform their activities rather than restricting them will provide an improved ability to control spend at the point closest to the decision to spend. A subtle balance between enablement and governance.

DX2 Procurement has the added advantage of leveraging the full EDI capability of DX2’s Digital Courier. This allows the process to become fully digital at a rate that mirrors the supplier’s ability to engage.