Whether you’re at the start of your project to assess a suitable ERP system for your business or in the middle of your project; you really should consider Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a complete ERP solution for midsize businesses that’s fast to implement, easy to configure and simple to use.

Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  • Is a unique combination of integrated business intelligence, collaboration and communication tools that connect the many moving parts of your organisation, giving you better visibility into and control over your business.
  • Delivers long-term value with a solution that is easy to adapt, extend and connect with independent software vendors (ISVs), other line-of-business applications, and the Microsoft technology and productivity tools that you already use in your organisation.
  • Comprehensive out-of-the box capabilities and rapid, flexible deployment options help you get up and running quickly and affordably.

Here are three videos from the Microsoft Dynamics YouTube Channel to give you more information on Dynamics GP and it’s benefits.

Below are the videos for your watching pleasure.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Keeps People Productive (Direct Link)

Microsoft Dynamics GP Turn Data into Business Insight (Direct Link)

Microsoft Dynamics GP Helps You Get Started Quickly (Direct Link)

You can view more information about Dynamics GP on our website.

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