About Remote Support

We are pleased to be able to support you and your and team remotely using a choice of software. Remote support means that your staff can see everything we’re doing. It’s great for training, end user support and the ability for your IT team to see what we’re doing on your server.

In order for us to work efficiently with you, we have selected the following five preferred methods of remote support.
• Microsoft Lync
• Go-To-Assist
• Microsoft Remote Desktop
• Microsoft PPTP or L2TP VPN
• Citrix Xen App

There are many other methods available but we have chosen these few because they are simple, flexible and cater for the majority of businesses.

If you would like to setup your remote support needs prior to needing support which will make your support experience more efficient then please let us know by creating a Support Case in your portal or filling out the form on the right.

Microsoft Lync

Connecting with Olympic using Lync 2013 is as easy as a click (or three) away. This is most suited for end-user support.

We will either send you a URL link via an email, or ask you to browse to https://meet.olympic.co.nz/meetingID (the meeting ID will be provided by your Olympic support consultant).

Calendar requests will typically be used for scheduled webinars (web-based seminars) and meetings rather than support sessions.

To join the meeting:
1. Click on the link in the email.
2. When you see the screen below, click Join the meeting using your web browser.

This is the preferred and easiest method. It downloads a Silverlight component (similar to Adobe’s Flash) that runs within the browser, and the Lync Web App Plug-in. If you already have Silverlight installed, admin rights will not be required. If you don’t already have Silverlight installed, you will be prompted to install and you may require admin rights. Both the Silverlight and the Lync Web App Plug in will be permanently installed but have a very small foot print.

The alternative option is to click Download and install Lync Attendee. This installs an application on your computer which will need to be manually removed when no longer required, and may require Administrative Authority.
When prompted, please select the option to Join as a Guest, type your name in the box and click Join Meeting.

When you see the Join Meeting screen, click OK.

We will see that you have joined the meeting, and we will invite you to share your desktop with us. Please click Share/Desktop, as shown below.

In order to let your Olympic Consultant have control to move around your screen, please click Give Control and select their name.

When you have finished the meeting, please click the close meeting button in the Lync Window.

Other Remote Support Options


Go-To-Assist utilises session based permissions, i.e. you will be required to grant us permission (at the time support is required) to access your computer. Once the session has been terminated we cannot re-connect to your computer again until you provide permission. Go-To-Assist is secure and uses very strong encryption to ensure that any data transmitted between you and our support person is not visible to ‘prying eyes’.
Best suited for: End User Support.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

For those organisations that have Remote Desktop, then we are able to utilise this tool. We will need a username and password that has permission to access your network. If your IT support has tweaked Remote Desktop to use a non-standard port, we will need to know about this in order to be able to connect.

Remote Desktop will allow us to access your systems at any time, but your users will not be able to see what we are doing – Remote Desktop locks the screen when we connect.

A more advanced implementation of Remote Desktop uses the Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway. We are able to utilise this type of implementation as well.

Could be used for End User Support but User may not be able to see what we are doing.

Best suited for: Server Support.

Microsoft PPTP or L2TP VPN

This is often used in conjunction with Microsoft Remote Desktop, and allows us to securely connect to your network before starting a Remote Desktop session. A PPTP VPN also allows us to access other services on your network such as connecting to your SQL server.

In order to connect to your network using a Microsoft PPTP connection, we will need a username and password that has permission to access your network.

Best suited for: Server Support (Could be used for End User support but users probably won’t have visibility of what we are doing)

Citrix Xen App

Citrix is used around the world by many organisation including banks and medical organisations that require flexible but very secure access to applications. Many of our customers already have Citrix Xen App servers (Presentation Server) whereby they are able to publish a remote desktop or application for external access. This works in a very similar way to Microsoft Remote Desktop, so will need a username and password that has permission to access your network.

Best suited for: Server Support (Could be used for End User support if configured to allow this)


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