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The Situation

Healthpoint is a specialist provider of information systems in the area of health. They provide medical information to the general public as well as to medical professionals via their website Healthpoint’s main objectives are to empower the general public to make better choices about healthcare providers, and also to assist medical professionals to provide better information and services to consumers.

Healthpoint was established in 2004 and since then has received the Computer Excellence award for the “Excellence in the use of IT in Health”. They are continually seeking ways to work smarter and more efficiently and they knew there were some areas they could improve.

The Challenge

Healthpoint’s team are often out on the road working with customers and are equipped with the latest iPhones and iPads, as well as laptops while in the office. This mobility was causing some issues with visibility and syncing of information back to the office team and systems.

The office based team needed to have visibility of the mobile team’s calendars so they could schedule or reschedule appointments when necessary. Healthpoint’s existing email and calendaring system could not provide this.

Email synchronisation issues were also causing a problem. The reply to an email or new emails sent from one device was only stored on that device. They couldn’t reference the email in the sent items on their other devices resulting in emails being spread across many devices with no consistent view of email contents. This is unfortunately an inherent problem with any email system that only supports POP.

Following the events in Christchurch, Healthpoint, like many businesses, also became aware of the need to have business recoverability options.

The Solution

To solve Healthpoint’s current issues as well as thinking ahead to a stable service that would continue to meet their future objectives, Olympic proposed a move to Office 365. This would give Healthpoint access to a business class email service based on Microsoft Exchange Server without the expense of having to install Small Business Server or other technologies requiring an on premises server.

Now, all Healthpoint staff have visibility of other staff members calendars meaning they can schedule or reschedule meetings and this is instantly updated in the right person’s calendar on every device. Also, email folders, no matter which device they’re on, show the same content.

Additional benefits quickly became obvious, contacts were now stored in one place, so when office or mobile staff added a contact to Outlook in the office or on their mobiles, it would appear in all Outlook folders. Healthpoint staff also noticed a reduction in the amount of SPAM. This was due to the SPAM and Antivirus filtering provided by Forefront Online protection for Exchange, a service that is included in the Office 365 product.

Olympic is looking forward to long and happy working relationship with Healthpoint.

We chose the Olympic Software team because they took the time to understand what our challenges were, they had proven skills in the technologies available to us and they offered a really good solution to our problems.

John Williams

Director, Healthpoint

We love working with the guys at Olympic. They are awesome. Mal is our main contact and he goes the extra mile. He explains things to us and tailors exactly to our needs. He knows all the kinks in our systems so he knows the right solutions when we have problems and he has excellent problem solving skills. We trust his judgement and we feel very well looked after.

Sam Burchell

Customer Service and Quality Manager, Antares

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