Microsoft recently released their new discovery tool Office Delve which is available as part of the Office 365 suite. It is a really exciting development for us at Olympic because it can help us to improve the way that we communicate and collaborate. We’ve only been using it for a few days but already we have noticed some very cool things that we think will help boost productivity in our office.

1. Office Delve gives you get a quick dashboard view of documents and information from across your organisation that are likely to be of interest to you right now

This view is unique to you, your colleagues will get a different dashboard view. This means that you can stay in the loop about documents that you might have some positive input to. It also helps to break down silos because you’ll see relevant documents from across the organisation.  You’ll only see documents that you have access to. You won’t see documents that have been shared in people’s private folders in OneDrive. You can help yourself and your team to get more out of Delve by ensuring that you store documents where Delve can get to them.


2. You can quickly find all the documents and files that you’ve been working on and documents that have been shared with you

– By clicking ‘My Work’ or ‘Shared with me’ Office Delve will show you all the documents that you’ve recently been working on, or files from email attachments that have been emailed to you, or documents that have been shared with you.

3. You can click on a person to see what documents they have been working on

– this would be really useful if one of your colleagues or direct reports is away and you need to get back to client on something they’ve been working on.

4. You can group documents by using Boards

– Similar to Pinterest you can save document cards that have something in common to Boards. This allows you to quickly go to documents that are relevant to a specific project or a specific event.

5. You can post a document on Yammer and begin a discussion about it with your colleagues

This means that you can get feedback from a group of people about the document very easily without you having to send it back and forth via email.

For more info view the video below and read more at What is Office Delve?. Please note that some of the features in the video (like liking and commenting) are not currently available in the first release of Office Delve but will appear in your version as soon as they’re available.