Our Partners





Microsoft - Olympic's most important supplier partnership is with Microsoft. It's from these guys that we source our ERP offering in Microsoft Dynamics GP and we engineer our own solutions using their technology. We are an approved Microsoft Business Partner which means that we have proven our expertise to them. We have certified staff and completed projects that meet Microsoft's high standards.


Ariba - Olympic is very proud to be New Zealand's sole Ariba Partner. Ariba is the leading provider of collaborative business commerce solutions. Ariba enables more efficient and effective buying, selling, and cash management by combining industry-leading software as a service (SaaS) commerce technology with the world's largest web-based global trading community and expert capabilities and services to augment internal resources and skills-all as a flexible, cloud-based service.


Infor - Infor FMS SunSystems is the other ERP solution we offer our clients. Infor formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft mid-2010, one which will see them use the Microsoft technology stack as their platform for building business-specific enterprise applications. This is great news in that it allows Infor's end-users access to the vertical specialisation Infor applies to its solutions, with the seamless-enterprise power that comes from the Microsoft technology stack.

Professional Advantage - Olympic also partners with Professional Advantage, to be the only provider of their extensive solution set for enhancing Infor FMS SunSystems in New Zealand.


Solver Inc. - the source of our fantastic business intelligence offering BI360. Solver is based in the US and we are New Zealand's only Platinum partner.