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Support requests can be used to get assistance when you have a question about your application, or when something that previously was working in your application, unexpectedly stops working. 

First consider the following checklists that can save you time and money.

First options:

  • Consult manuals and/or product documentation.
  • Attempt to find a solution.
  • Complete sufficient training, or refer the problem to someone within your organisation who has.
  • Confirm you have authorisation to contact the Support Desk, as the time will be chargeable.

If you still require support, please have the following information ready:

  1. Your name, organisation name and department, contact number
  2. The environment in which the problem is occurring including product name and version
  3. An example of the exact error message (with screen shots if applicable)
  4. The urgency of the call.

Then for assistance, contact Maria Kilden our Support Desk Consultant and she will help you as quickly as she can. Contact details on the right.

Please also note:

  • By contacting our Support Desk, you can be sure your request will be dealt with quickly. Our Support Desk Consultant monitors the Support Desk closely to ensure your request is actioned. Additionally, all of Olympic has visibility of requests submitted via Support Desk. If you like, you can request a specific consultant at the time of submitting your request. If our consultants or developers are contacted directly, the response may take longer as they may be unavailable or on leave. 
  • Advising us how urgent your request is will enable us to ensure we attend to your request in an appropriate timeframe.
  • Please note that all consulting time spent on support request for clients not on an OlympicCare Consulting Programme will be chargeable in blocks of 15 minutes.
  • If a support request is raised that is beyond the intended scope of this service we will let you know and will discuss alternative ways of satisfying your requirements. For example, the work may be better dealt with as a consulting task, a system enhancement or a project.  One of our consultants will be happy to discuss these options with you if necessary.

If you feel your support request has not had adequate attention by another Olympic staff member, please contact Maria Kilden.

Once your support request is received

(Via phone, email or your OlympicCare Client Portal), we will assign a priority to the issue, based on the following:

Priority and Response Time Definitions




Initial Response Time (in business hours)

Update schedule



You are unable to use the application system and there are no workarounds. This does not apply where environmental parameters have changed.

1 hour

2 hourly



You are unable to use a function of the system and there are no workarounds. Your business is being affected.

4 hours




You cannot use a function but it is not mission critical. Workarounds may exist and your business is not immediately affected.

8 hours



General Query

Information is required regarding some aspect of the system.

16 hours



Keep checking back with your OlympicCare Client Portal during the course of the day for real-time updates for when the consultant assigned your call will be available to resolve your issue, based on the priority assigned.



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Maria Kilden
Support Desk Consultant
E: support@olympic.co.nz
W: www.olympiccare.net.nz
P: 0800 938 226
(or if international +64 9 357 2822)