Speed up your business and reduce transaction costs

As a business manager you're under constant pressure to increase productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, increase profits and performance, gain competitive advantage; and so on, the list is long.

Every unnecessary cost cuts into your bottom line, every ineffective process eats up time and resources that could be devoted to creating competitive advantage. Additionally, manual tasks run the risk of human error and missed or delayed steps.

What is Workflow Automation?

Workflow automation allows a simple or complex business process to be carried to a defined step-by-step sequence. Once a workflow is initiated, the right data will be written or sourced from the correct database, the right person or department will be contacted for input or approval and then the process will go on to the next step until all required steps are completed.


The benefits are numerous; reduced transaction costs, faster turn-around times, increased operational efficiency, improved decision making and accuracy.

iPath Workflow gives you the ability to easily create workflows for your common business processes via a drag and drop interface. You can start with something simple and then grow the complexity within the workflow as users adapt. iPath allows you to attach documents, images and notes to workflows for review.

iPath Workflow can help solve your Excel spreadsheet nightmares, streamline your processes and reduce manual tasks.

Top 10 Reasons to Use iPath Workflow:

  1. Workflow activities are rendered on the website and users can interact with
    them, through the web interface
  2. Incorporate complex business processes in custom activities
  3. Easy to model your processes in an intuitive user interface
  4. Notifies users to start their part of a process whether it's an action or an approval.
  5. Assignment of tasks by user, role or group
  6. Ability to manage parallel tasks
  7. Automatic escalation of incomplete tasks
  8. Push-of-a-button reporting of activity audit trails
  9. Supports nested sub-processes, and the embedding of scripting based languages for greater flexibility and ease of customisation
  10. Can operate within a SharePoint framework

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