GP Receivables and Payables Bulk Processing Tool

The Receivables & Payables Management Bulk Processing Tool is an add-in for Microsoft Dynamics GP. It enables you to use the familiar Smartlist interface to select Receivables Management and Payables Management master records and use this selection to carry out bulk application of holds and record inactivation and removal of holds via a form based interface.

How does it work?

Accessed through Checklists, the tool allows bulk processing by 'Series', 'Smartlist Favourite' and 'Action'.

Hit 'Preview' and the Bulk Processing records appear in a list window, from which they can be sorted by ID, Name or Balance or selected in bulk or individually.

From here hit 'Process' - and you're all done!

Sounds great! But what if I accidently inactivate records I shouldn't?

The tool is smart enough to recognise that records with current or unposted transactions associated with the master record, should not be inactivated. A combination of visual cues along with the physical inability to select such records will ensure you won't find yourself making this mistake.

How can I access the tool?

The tool is a simple, once-off purchase and install for $750 + GST.