ERP - keeping you in control

How well does your company manage ERP information?

It's easy to check how well your company's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software manages your information. Just ask yourself two questions:

  1. How quickly can you find financial or ERP information when you need it?
  2. How many times do your staff key the same data into different business software systems?

The bad news? Unless you answered 'immediately' to the first question, and 'once' to the second, your current software isn't doing a good enough job for today's competitive environment.

The Olympic ERP solution - more than just software

At Olympic, we offer two different packages, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Infor. This allows us to recommend a solution that will truly fit the unique needs of your business - rather than trying to mould you to one solution.

But that's just the start. Our real point-of-difference lies in what we help you do with the software:

  • Strategic consulting helping you identify how your financial management or ERP system can help you meet other business needs - current and future; or
  • Extending and integrating your financial management or ERP software with your existing systems to save your business time, effort and money.

Worried about capital outlay?

In today's competitive environment, outlaying large amounts of capital to improve IT infrastructure is something decision makers would no doubt like to avoid - now they can:

  • Consider Subscription Licensing for your ERP solution at a set monthly fee - no capital outlay required. Effectively, you rent your solution and can increase/decrease its capability and capacity as needed.

Already have ERP Software in mind?

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