The Ultimate Excel-based Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboard & Data Warehouse Suite

BI360 comes with out-of-the-box integrations to many ERP products including all Microsoft Dynamics solutions and takes only a fraction of the time to implement compared to typical BI suites. Using BI360, management teams can help their organizations maximize performance through world-class planning, reporting and analysis.


BI360 - Reporting Features

  • Microsoft Excel-based
  • Live Financial Reporting
  • Live Operational Reporting
  • Drill to transaction detail
  • Drag and Drop report design
  • On-Demand reporting for end-users
  • Security integrates with Active Directory
  • Multi-company/Multi-currency consolidations
  • Out-of-the-box integration
  • Integration tool connects BI360 Reporting 'live' to custom tables or other sources!

BI360 - Budgeting Features

  • Excel-based budget input, review and approval
  • Streamlined budget entry
  • Budget data immediately available for reporting
  • Approval workflow for management 
  • Pre-built templates

BI360 - Dashboard Features

  • Web-based for anywhere, anytime access
  • Works with SharePoint 
  • Customizable dashboard layouts
  • Interactive gauges, maps, graphs and more
  • Drag & Drop dashboards for instant insight

BI360 - Data Warehouse

  • Preconfigured Data Warehouse
  • Integrate to virtually any data source
  • Business-user friendly 'Office-like' admin interface
  • Advanced business rules 
  • Microsoft SQL Server-based

Want more information?

For more information about BI360, including how-tos and to read some of the questions we're asked by our clients all the time, read our BI360 Resources & FAQs page.