Ariba Invoice Management

Streamline and Automate Invoice Management

Relying on paper-based processes to handle inbound invoices drives up costs in more ways than one. Think about all the time and resources your AP team spends manually inputting invoice information, validating and matching invoices with purchase orders, handling supplier inquiries, and dealing with blocked invoices from ERP systems.

With Ariba Invoice Management solutions, you can transform invoice management from a high-touch to a low-touch process that reduces costs by up to 70 percent. Using the Ariba Network as your supplier portal, the software supports collaborative processes with intelligent workflow, enabling you to automate data entry, matching, and validation activities; eliminate supplier inquiries; and minimize exception handling.

Bottom-Line Benefits

Using Ariba's invoice management solutions, you can:

  • Eliminate AP touch: Eliminate most costs receiving invoices via direct integration with your back-end systems and automating nearly every step in the invoice-to-payment process.
  • Auto-post and auto-reject invoices: Leverage straight-through processing driven by intelligent workflow that eliminates the number of errors that need to be rejected and posts accurate invoices automatically.
  • Automatically validate all invoices: Reliably validate invoices down to the line level so only accurate invoices get accrued.
  • Eliminate supplier inquiries: Enable your suppliers to check payment status and investigate blocked invoices themselves using self-service functionality.
  • Maximize supplier participation: Achieve 100 percent supplier participation by eliminating technical barriers.
  • Gain visibility and control: Automatically consolidate and reconcile orders, invoices, payments, and related key documents, and gain full visibility and control over processes and activities.