Ariba Contract Management

The livelihood of any company is recorded in its contracts. Procurement contracts accomodate the sum of goods and services owed to the company. Sales contracts detail commitments to customers and revenue expectations. And internal contracts chronicle agreements within the organisation.

Contract Management is of critical importance to effective business commerce. Yet many organisations continue to record contracts on paper documents with disconnected offline tools and no process standardisation. The result is inefficient, costly, and long contract cycles that make monitoring and managing agreements a challenge. And, perhaps worse, a failure to realise negotiated savings and missed revenue opportunities.

But there is a better way... Introducing the Ariba Contract Management Solution

Why Ariba Contract Management?

  • A certified secure SaaS that plugs easily into any ERP
  • Manage and search all your contracts electronically from one place
  • Generate commercial agreements through contract templates based on pre-approved clauses
  • Use electronic signatures to shorten cycle times, speed-up deal closure and cut admin costs
  • The whole system is completely paperless
  • You have a fully-functioning audit trail that says goodbye to compliance issues
  • Automated notifications ensure no contract is able to lapse unnoticed.

Read Ariba's White Paper: Tailoring Contract Management for Your Organisation

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