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Why Ariba?

The World Does Business in the Ariba Commerce Cloud

It is not unusual for Ariba's solutions to begin showing returns within six months, in fact, users report average savings of between 7% and 14% within one year.

Ninety-four of the Fortune 100 and 80% of the Fortune 500 use Ariba to improve commerce. So do more than 300,000 other companies.

Over the next 24 hours in the Ariba Commerce Cloud, businesses around the world will:

  • Buy and sell more than $450 million worth of goods and services.
  • Conduct more than 100,000 transactions.
  • Save over $60 million in supply costs. Process more than 60,000 invoices and payments.
  • And, manage a whole host of other commerce collaborations, from discovering new business opportunities to negotiating contracts to securing financing.

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Why Olympic?

Ariba has hand-picked Olympic Software for our ability to deliver local support with global expertise. With a sound and dependable twenty-year record, Olympic provides you with access to on-the-ground support and a local business which has worldwide expertise and resources at its disposal.


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