The Microsoft-LinkedIn deal has left many wondering what it means in practical, everyday terms for Microsoft users.

Here’s a few of the basic points on what it could mean for you and your business:

  • With access to LinkedIn users and their information, Microsoft will bring real human data into their products like Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Skype for Business, and more. This will bring a real world perspective to these Microsoft business applications that everyone uses everyday.
  • For Dynamics CRM customers you’ll be able to look up information on each of your leads directly from within CRM. Then, record and track information on sales activities, correspondence, as well as automate the sales process, for example setting reminders for future actions. You’ll also be able to see what information your leads are sharing or publishing on LinkedIn to give you a glimpse of what’s important to them, all helping you to get to know your lead better and make you a more effective salesperson
  • Businesses will be able to manage all their recruitment and training needs through Office365 products using LinkedIn with its more than 7 million active job listings and access to the hugely popular online training course provider that LinkedIn acquired last year. This means that Office365 will give users access to training programs right from within its products – which makes sense as 6’s most popular training programs are already for Microsoft products.
  • Utilising Skype for Business, you’ll also be able to perform job interviews through the LinkedIn/Skype combo.

In summary, there is huge potential that comes with the Microsoft-LinkedIn deal, it’s especially good news for Microsoft customers. Spectators are watching with interest to see if Microsoft are able to capitalise on this potential.

Links to more info on the Microsoft-LinkedIn deal: