Improved functionality and customer experience supports growth of online business

Woolworths Limited is one of Australia's largest retailers. With their head office in Sydney, they have more than 3,000 stores and employ around 190,000 people making them the largest private sector employer in Australia. In New Zealand Woolworths Limited owns Progressive Enterprises Ltd who manages the Countdown brand.

Woolworths online is Woolworth's supermarket on the web that allows users to purchase their groceries online and have them delivered to their doorstep. After learning of the successful ecommerce solution that Olympic had helped the Countdown brand with, Woolworths approached Olympic to assist with an enhanced solution for their site.

The Challenge:

Geoff Haddrill, Senior Project Manager at Woolworths said, "Woolworths' current online platform did not have the functionality or capacity to support the growth planned for our online business; therefore we were looking for a platform that would add functionality; be scalable and provide a better overall shopping experience for our customers.

Woolworths chose Olympic due to its track record working with Woolworths' New Zealand operation Countdown Supermarkets. Over time Countdown had worked closely with Olympic to develop an end-to-end online platform that would meet the needs of our customers."

The Solution:

The team at Olympic was led by Simon Chapman, Solution Architect. The requirement was to modify the platform that was previously built with Countdown over a number of years to seamlessly integrate with the Australian systems. Woolworths also required additional functionality along with adding some legal requirements such as CUP (Comparative Unit Pricing).

The Result:

The result included improved search features, item-level substitution, and the ability to enable customers to reserve a particular delivery time before the order was placed.

Roger Steele, Woolworths' National Online Manager said, "There were a number of key objectives such as capacity on the website, basket size in both units and dollars, functionality and the customer experience that we had set measures; all of these have been met or exceeded."

When asked for comment on how the team at Woolworths found working with Olympic staff, Geoff Haddrill said, "It was a pleasure to work with the team at Olympic, their knowledge, retail understanding and ability to provide an online solution to our requirements was fantastic. All achieved professionally and in a very timely manner."

Today the two companies enjoy a collaborative partnership that seeks to continually improve the Woolworth's online offering. Working together to evolve the product and the client's business goals is proving to be an incredibly satisfying journey.


Opening Quotes

There were a number of key objectives that we had set measures; all of these have been met or exceeded.

Closing Quotes

Roger Steele

National Online Manager, Woolworths Australia