All fired up about Microsoft Dynamics GP

Established in New Zealand in 1994, TPF Restaurants manages the New Zealand Burger King franchise. It has 65 restaurants in New Zealand and a growing operation in Australia.

In a food service market that has grown by more than 40% in the last five years [Euromonitor, May 2004], it is essential that Burger King's information assets enable it to operate with agility and strategic confidence.

TPF Restaurants was relying on its five-year-old accounting system and number-crunching by staff to provide the management information it needed. The risks of losing position in this fast-paced, information-reliant market were high.

The Challenge

In 1999, management realised the company had outgrown its existing accounting system and needed a comprehensive business solution. The legacy system was unreliable and the integrity of the inventory data was questionable. This impacted on year-end reporting and made it difficult to calculate profitability levels.

The legacy application did not integrate with other systems easily because it was character based rather than number based, and complicated and time consuming procedures were required to generate reports.

The company identified that it needed a system that:

  • could provide restaurant managers with quality information without taking up too much of the accounting staff's time,
  • was accurate and flexible with up-to-date reporting and analysis, and
  • had superior functionality and was easy to use.

The provider needed to:

  • be financially stable
  • have a long-term commitment to New Zealand, and
  • be able to support the client and continuously develop the product.

The Solution

After an exhaustive 12-month analysis of the offerings of six prospective providers, TPF Restaurants approved Olympic Software's Microsoft Dynamics GP Professional solution.

TPF Restaurants' solution included General Ledger, Payables Management, Receivables Management, Purchase Order Processing, Fixed Assets, Sales Order Processing, Inventory, Modifier and FRx Reporting.

The system is hosted at the company's Albany, Auckland premises, with remote access from the Mangere distribution centre and the Sydney office via a Citrix MetaFrame based on Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

The Results

The system was installed in four months as planned, and was within 10% of budget. "Olympic Software assisted with the planning and implementation of the new system. They proved to be an excellent partner and provided us with as much support as we needed. The team was very knowledgeable about the Microsoft Great Plains solution, and made the project a success," says Group Finance Manager Matt Buckeridge. "This is one of the best experiences we have had to date with upgrades."

Since deploying Microsoft Great Plains Professional across the organisation, TPF has experienced significant productivity gains through the automation of several front-end tasks, and reduced data entry, as well as improving the accuracy and value of management information.


  • Data entry time savings including processes that take 10 minutes instead of 60, and remove risky and time-consuming manual data entry
  • Streamlined processes, particularly those that are regularly repeated
  • Better information leading to more confident decisions, including data integrated with other desktop applications and easy importing and exporting in less than a third of the time taken by the previous system
  • Faster and more flexible reporting - including instantaneous processes that previously took a day
  • Analysis tools delivering more diverse and focused information
  • Accurate real-time stock valuations


Opening Quotes

Olympic proved to be an excellent partner and provided us with as much support as we needed. The team was very knowledgeable about the Microsoft Great Plains solution, and made the project a success.

Closing Quotes

Matt Buckeridge

Group Finance Manager