Catering for better business decision making with Dynamics AX

Catering specialists Bacchid Benevolency Ltd had significant data integrity, reporting and quotation process issues with their legacy accounting software, and turned to Olympic and Microsoft Dynamics AX for a solution.

Named after the Greek god of wine and based on campus at Auckland University, Bacchid Benevolency Ltd provides specialist catering and student services through its four businesses. From Absolute Catering (university-based and outsourced catering services), Romfords restaurant and function centre, and Shadows on-campus bar, through to the national tertiary students' StudentCard discount scheme; Bacchid offers a range of services to a wide variety of discerning clients.

The Challenge

Bacchid's issues were simple, but significant. Their legacy accounting software, could no longer manage their diverse and demanding businesses requirements. Staff reported constant data integrity issues as account balances failed to agree with transaction information. Key sales and operational data were unavailable; meaning sales forecasting and management reporting was based on gut feel and guesswork, instead of reliable information. And many tasks around the customer quotation process had to be performed manually; which not only wasted time, but created confusion around which quote version was the most recent.

Curan Loh, Bacchid's General Manager, describes the tipping point as being the company's laborious, protracted month-end financial reporting. "By the time reports were finalised, 2-3 weeks after cut off," Loh remembers, "it was far too late to react to the situation". This delay and the company's resulting inability to respond in time to potential issues, was a pivotal reason for seeking a new system.

The Solution

Bacchid's Financial Controller at the time had an existing relationship with Olympic Software, and had suggested approaching them for their take on the issue. Loh reports being impressed with Olympic's proposal to replace the existing accounting system with the flexibility, efficiency and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX, and integrate the new system directly with their stock management system, Wincheck. "Olympic had clearly put a lot of work into identifying exactly what our main issues were, and what kind of solution we could have within our budget.

Additionally, Loh mentions, they were particularly struck with just how familiar and easy to understand the Microsoft Dynamics AX interface was. "Our team was already familiar with Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office", he continued, "So AX's Windows-based format was a huge selling point for us."


Olympic supplied the Dynamics AX software, installed it, set up all integrations, and trained Bacchid staff in how to use the new software. And despite a change in Financial Controller immediately before Go Live, reports Tanya Bragg, Olympic's project manager for the implementation, the project unfolded "smoothly due to the excellent communication and collegial atmosphere within Bacchid". And Loh agrees wholeheartedly. "The transition to the new system was fairly seamless, and while a few small matters needed to be ironed, they were quickly and easily sorted between both parties."


Two months after going live, Bacchid has already noticed that the time required for previously manual processes like entering creditor invoices has halved. And the automated customer quotation process has not only increased accuracy and efficiency - it's also increased staff morale and customer satisfaction.

But it's in the area of financial reporting, says Loh, that the greatest gains have been made. "The combination of Microsoft Dynamics AX and the easy-to-use financial reporting add-on, FRx, has ensured we can produce a variety of accurate monthly financial results at the push of a button", he says. That means Bacchid executives can now make informed decisions based on actual KPI and sales data - and make them quickly enough to act-on in an ever-changing environment.


  • Catering services providers, Bacchid Benevolency Ltd, discovered that their existing financial software was creating data integrity issues, as well as preventing the management team from accessing critical operational KPIs, and impeding the customer quotation process.
  • Bacchid's Financial Controller, who'd been involved in a successful implementation and ongoing strategic partnership with Olympic in a previous role, approached Olympic for their advice.
  • Olympic recommended implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software and integrating it to the existing Wincheck stock management system.
  • Despite the challenge of a change in Financial Controller just before Go Live, the implementation and rollout proceeded smoothly.
  • Two months after going live, Bacchid can now receive timely and accurate financial information to make informed business decisions based on actual KPI and sales data; as well as spend less time and effort manually entering data, and produce consistent, traceable customer quotes.


Opening Quotes

Our team was already familiar with Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office so AX's Windows-based format was a huge selling point for us.

Closing Quotes

Curan Loh

General Manager