As we start a new year we all look for new initiatives to improve competitiveness and customer loyalty.

During 2014 we had several examples where clients mobilised their CRM to drive the following benefits:

1. Real time market response

If you have field based staff you need to examine the nature of their work and the advantage they can bring. By adding a call report to their mobile device you can send an alert to the right person to take action if required, by providing them with real time information.

Possible scenario: a competitor has reduced their prices, which gives them a competitive edge as a build up to Christmas. Traditionally, it took some time for the information to be passed by the staff. Competitor’s action may have been picked up in a weekly/monthly report or worst – when sale takes a dip for the month. Using mobile, notification is immediate and the management have a chance to respond, and mitigate this action before Christmas.

2. Approvals via your phone

A client providing quotes to the trade using a mobile app would like management to review quotes without holding up the process. Again, an alert can be sent to the manager, who can maintain authority without slowing down the process.

Although the enhanced mobile app for Microsoft Dynamics CRM does not replicate the web application, it has most of the features required by the field worker and is easier to use.

Sales management can take advantage of the multiple dashboards available to review their field staff activities and take immediate action when required.


The phone is increasingly the device of choice, one customer had the same adoption for the mobile phone app in 2 years as they had with the desktop app in 5 years.

I am confident that the increasing focus on the mobile as a tool for staff and as an interface for customers will provide good opportunities in 2015.

In summary, our experience with the Dynamics CRM mobile app suggests:

  • It is not an alternative to the web application.
  • It is a part of the sales tool kit and can considerably improve productivity and connectivity in the field.
  • There are other alternatives for a mobile app (Resco and CWR) that could better meet complex requirements.

John Biggs is a CRM Consultant with Olympic Software. He enjoys helping our clients to  improve their sales using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. He often shares relevant information and articles on his social media channels. You can follow him on Twitter, connect with him via LinkedIn or contact him at: