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Providing a consolidated view of your farm business.

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Are you a Farm Group Owner?

  • Get a consolidated view of your entire farming business so it’s easier to review performance
  • Easily apportion revenue and expenses to various farms in order to capture the performance per hectare or per cow for KPI reporting and measuring
  • Get a Cash Based view of your farm operations
  • Easily re-evaluate your aging livestock so that you’ve got a clear picture of their current worth
  • Implement a cost effective FMIS and Reporting solution giving you all the features of a comprehensive solution without the big price tag

Are you a Bank Manager with Farming Clients?

  • See how each farm is performing in comparison to other farms in the group so that you can assess the risk profile of an investment
  • Get an Accrual Based view of the farms for tax and company reporting purposes, but also have the ability to view a cashflow forecast to help with conversations about funding lines
  • Obtain an accurate value of livestock so that you have a better understanding of your farming clients current worth.

Are you an Accountant with Farming Clients?

  • Get visibility on how each farm is performing in comparison to the other farms so that you can take a proactive approach and offer advice on poorer performing farms in the group
  • See an Accrual Based view of the farms for tax and company reporting purposes
  • Have the ability to allocate fixed and variable expenses to be distributed on fixed %, or a variable like Effective Ha, or Livestock numbers so that you can get more accurate results.

Finding the right solution for your Farm Group

Olympic has a long rich history with the rural market in New Zealand and specifically with corporate farming entities in both the Red Meat and the Dairy Industries.

We have taken this experience and our understanding of what Farm Managers and Bankers with Farming Clients need, and we have developed a Reporting and/or FMIS solution specifically for multi-farm operations.

As well as this, the new Cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) Options enable us to offer you a fully feature rich FMIS and Reporting solution at a very cost effective price.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll show you how Farm Central could be just the solution you’re looking for for your multi-farm operation.

Features and Benefits

Flexible multi-company ability

Allows and caters for all ownership structures.

Accrual Based / Cash View

Allows reports to be produced for all stakeholders accrual or cash based

BI360 Data Warehouse

Forms basis of Cash Flow Forecasting, but also provides a repository for holding all types of disparate data in systems such as Overseer, Minda, or Farmax.

Dynamics GP Stat (Unit) Accounts

Allows the capture of (Kg, Ha, Litre, etc.) for KPI reporting & measuring


Fixed & Variable Allocations allow expenses to be distributed on fixed %, or a variable like Effective Ha, Share Milker payments or Livestock numbers.

Multiple options of purchasing

Outright purchase, Microsoft Financing, or Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription.

Strong reporting for multiple farms

Allows multi-farm consolidation, and comparative benchmark reporting.

Livestock Management

Livestock aging / valuation process allows herds / mobs or groups to be aged and revalued. The General Ledger is updated.

Industry Standard

Based on Microsoft SQL Server, provides scalability, data integrity.

Rural Sector Blog Articles

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