It is approaching that time of the year when businesses want to send seasons greetings to customers.  Historically, we send Christmas Cards, but more recently we have begun to use emails – whatever method is used they all require a list of names and addresses.

I have been selling Microsoft CRM systems for more than 10 years and I often use the CHRISTMAS CARD TEST. This test asks the question,  “how long does it take to generate a list of names to send Christmas cards to?”  Inevitably there is hesitation before answering and a confession that it is not easy.

You might ask why such a question is important? The answer is that Christmas cards are the most visible and emotive list to prepare but lists are also needed for:

  • Communication to a segment of the database by region – reps visits
  • Communication to a segment of the database by product interest
  • Who has bought something in the last 12 months?
  • Who do we invite to the rugby or other special event?

If it is hard to prepare a Christmas Card list, other such tasks could become too hard as well!

Communication – what we do to retain customers and move them up the loyalty ladder from customer to advocate also becomes too hard.

If we struggle with Christmas Cards then I question if the other forms of communication are being done, hence you can see why the Christmas Card test is such a good barometer to the communication from a firm.

CRM systems store data in a structured way so that it can be easily recalled for such lists.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is – Easy to use

Simple. Intuitive. Familiar. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online provides a natural user experience and simple deployment so your people can and will use it right away. It works like and within widely familiar Microsoft Office products—including Microsoft Outlook.

Now we can manage our customers and lists and let you answer the Christmas Card Test –

It takes about a days work to compile a completely up-to-date Christmas Card list.

And for the other 12 months you can:

  • Increase sales performance
  • Improve marketing results
  • Commit to service excellence
  • Build strong, profitable customer relationships

Send me an email or phone me on 021 763 522 – it is not too late for this year.

John Biggs is a CRM Consultant with Olympic Software. He enjoys helping our clients to  improve their sales processes using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. He often shares relevant information and articles on his social media channels. You can follow him on Twitter, connect with him via LinkedIn or contact him at: