About Olympic

We are talented, experienced and passionate about
helping our clients to succeed now and in the future.

Our Story

We are an Australasian software engineering business with progressive ideas and talented people headquartered in Auckland. We have 4 office locations (Auckland, Sydney, Wellington and Christchurch) and 75 staff.  We punch well above our weight in the software industry having produced valuable solutions to very successful New Zealand and Australian businesses and Governmental agencies for more than 30 years.

We offer a number of solutions to fit your business needs. We have engineered many of them ourselves as well as partnering with a small number of internationally renowned software vendors to offer you the best software platforms available on the market today.

We know that there are an overwhelming number of software options available but we understand the strategic value of software; software that gives you a competitive difference. As a business manager you know your business best, and as IT specialists, we know the technology to align with your strategic goals.

At Olympic, helping our clients to be successful, to reach their goals, is our number one purpose. That’s when we’re at our best, co-creating solutions that work, with our customers.

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